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Can you straighten a wheel at home? Img
When you come across the damage of the wheel, you have to make sure you are doing ...
01/18 01:55
How to Know If Your Wheel Is Buckled or Bent? Img
The only way to understand if your wheel is buckled or it is bent is by observing ...
01/02 04:57
What Damage Fix You Need for Your Wheel? Img
New car owners might wonder, what fix to be done if they face wheel damage. Well, ...
12/15 23:47
What You Must Do If You Get a Bent Rim? Img
Worried about the damage road accidents can cause to your car wheel? Don’t worry; ...
12/02 00:28
Can You Put A New Tire On A Bent Rim?
You ought to be able to place a new tire on the rim if it is not entirely deformed. ...
11/17 23:14
What happens if you dent your rim? Img
The ability of a dented wheel to maintain a seal with the tire bead may be ...
11/02 02:24
Can a bent rim cause shaking? Img
Shakiness and vibration that go up the steering column are two of the most blatant ...
10/27 01:47
Can a scratched rim be fixed?
Any kind of scratch on your alloy rims can make it look dull. However, as long as ...
10/08 02:10
Does a bent rim affect alignment?
A bent rim might cause your car's other wheels to get out of alignment, which can ...
09/20 03:24
Can I repair damaged alloy wheels myself?
It might possible to repair the alloy wheel yourself, but only for light-damage ...
09/12 01:25
Can You Straighten The Wheels Easily? Img
Once the safety inspection is complete, the repair can be started. The wheel ...
08/18 02:28
Can badly corroded alloy wheels be repaired?
If the inner surface of your alloy wheel is corroded by getting in touch with road ...
08/04 03:33
Can hitting a curb cause long-term damage?
Hitting a curb wheel can become the cause of many damage, your suspension will be ...
07/18 05:04
Is it wise to fix a curb wheel?
Fixing a curb wheel rash is surprisingly cheap and you can easily get it done by ...
07/07 03:37
Can you fix a curb rash on the alloy wheel?
The curb rash that you accidently hit can be easily repaired. Don’t despair unless ...
06/17 03:23
Can an alloy wheel last long?
When you have invested in alloy wheels, and want them to last. You have to treat ...
06/06 03:39
Why should we regularly conduct rim inspections?
It is important to regularly go for rim inspection, a single damage left unattended ...
05/20 02:59
Can we straighten an alloy rim? Img
When you notice a dent or damage in the wheels, it is important to get it repaired ...
05/10 02:48
Is it possible to refurbish alloy wheels at home? Img
It might be possible to refurbish the alloy wheel with time and patience; however, ...
04/05 06:03
What kind of wheels cannot be repaired anymore? Img
Once you hit the pothole or slam your car on a curb, it will possibly damage your ...
03/23 05:20
Is it possible to balance a bent rim? Img
Damaged rims can become the biggest cause of accidents. It is important to repair ...
03/09 02:06
How To Deal With Every Type of Wheel Repair Img
A straightforward scratch or a knock won't offer you a featuring hint when you ...
02/24 04:36
How Do I Know What Level Of Damage My Car Has? Img
There are many obvious reasons for your wheel damage and it is often challenging to ...
02/08 04:51
What Do I Need To Look Before Getting A Car Repair? Img
A simple scratch or a bump will not give you a highlighting sign when you drive. ...
01/20 02:25
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